At Mapplewell Primary School in Key Stages 1 & 2 we base our teaching on the National Curriculum. To find out more about this please click on the link here.

Our curriculum has evolved from the use of National Curriculum and schemes of work which was then reviewed to ensure that it is relevant to the children’s and school’s needs. After researching a number of different curriculums a long-term plan was written. This then enabled careful consideration of the skills that would be required. With this long term plan in mind a set of skills was written which would show clear progression throughout school and would allow pupils to develop skills they can use in a variety of contexts. Skills within each foundation subject have been cross- referenced with the 2014 National Curriculum and reflect any changes needed within the skills.

We shape our curriculum to offer a wide ranging skillset; that empowers our pupils to leave Primary Education inspired and motivated to learn more. Our curriculum is designed around building skills and knowledge progressively over time. It is built upon knowing that learning is a journey, and that our curriculum offer will lead our pupils to a brighter future.

Active learning is of high importance and we have sculpted a curriculum that engages all pupils in a variety of fun and exciting ways. Our curriculum gives our pupils opportunities at developing their independence, in every aspect of the word. From becoming a well-rounded citizen – to taking charge of their own learning. We have designed our curriculum to inspire our pupils to find out more.

Below is a rationale as to why some subjects are taught weekly and some have a blocked teaching approach:

Mapplewell Curriculum

For further information on each subject and year group content please see our wider curriculum sub pages.

Making Mapplewell

If parents/carers would like further information regarding our curriculum please contact and we can put you in contact with Mr Garrood our Curriculum Leader.

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