Mapplewell Primary is part of HCAT academy Trust. Please click here for HCAT trustees and members information.

Each school within the Trust maintains its unique identity and HCAT strongly believe that excellent schools have excellent leadership and management from within, and a key component of this is governance.

Overarching responsibility lies with the Board of Trustees and they have established Local Committees within each school to govern at individual school level.

Further information regarding HCAT governance structure can be found by clicking here.

Click here for our Governance Arrangements that outlines the structure and remit of the Trust’s members, board of trustees and its sub committees.

Mapplewell Local Committee

Our Local Committee are responsible for providing confident leadership and robust accountability, oversight and assurance for education, staffing and community engagement.

Our Local Committee constitution includes:

  • At least 2 parent committee members
  • Up to 3 persons co-opted by members of the Local Committee
  • Up to 2 persons appointed by the Board of Trustees

Our Register of Business Interest documents any financial interests, affiliations, and potential conflicts of interest of individuals within our Local Committee to ensure transparency.  Our 2023/24 Register of Business Interest can be accessed here.

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